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Referee No Show


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Date:October 30, 2006

To:Member Organization Presidents
Cc:Hockey Calgary Board
Central Zone Referees Committee
From:Murray Briceland
Re:Referee No Shows


On very rare occasions you may be faced with a situation in which the assigned on ice officials are prevented from appearing for your game. This may occur due to a scheduling mishap, weather, traffic, or illness. In situations where this occurs your coaches need to understand the proper procedures to follow to ensure the game is played. Canceling the game and rescheduling at a later date is NOT an available option.

Per Hockey Canada Rule 41(k) which states:

“If for whatever reason, the Referee or Linesmen appointed are prevented from appearing, the Managers or Coaches of the two teams competing clubs shall agree on a Referee and one or two Linesmen. If they are unable to agree, they shall appoint a player from each team who shall act as officials.”

It would usually be preferable at the younger age categories (Novice, Atom and Pee Wee) to have a Coach or Manager step in to officiate. From Bantam and higher either Team Staff or players could adequately fill in to ensure the game is played. From an insurance perspective, it is desirable to enlist the services of someone who is Team Sheet listed (carded) to fulfill this role.

Please pass this Bulletin on to your coaching staff to ensure they are prepared to properly deal with such an occurrence.


Murray E. Briceland
General Manager,
Hockey Calgary



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